Recovering from surgery and looking ahead

Well, I survived! The surgery went very well and I’m at home recovering – in fact, I enjoyed the entire time I was in hospital. I decided to see it as an adventure. Most people look at hospitals with dread, I was fascinated by the processes, the other patients, the staff.

In fact, I was blown away by the positive attitude of the staff – I thought they’d be dour and disinterested, especially with the issues most medical personnel have with their pay rates, but these guys were fun, jokey, casual and very professional!

The surgeon told me that he’d been unable to do the full roux-en-y gastric bypass at this point, he’d done a “mini bypass” known as an “Omega Loop”. Here is the diagram of what he did:


This leaves me open to have an “upgrade” to the full roux-en-y in a few months.

So far, I’ve been recovering fine. I had so many months prior to the surgery on Optifast shakes etc that the low calorie and low volume intake is pretty much a way of life now. For the last two weeks, I’ve been on fluids and puréed foods – soups, shakes, mashed potatoes. Some foods just don’t agree with me – scrambled eggs, anything too solid – I end up in a couple of hours of gastric agony as a result. So I’m being very careful!

In terms of weight loss, check this out: before I even began the process, I was 195kgs. A type-2 diabetic. In order to qualify for the surgery, I needed to prove my commitment by getting my weight down to 187kgs. By the time I went into the theatre, I was 168kgs. Now, a couple of weeks later, I’m 156kgs. The weight loss is slower now, but I haven’t been in this weight bracket for years. I no longer need my diabetes medication, I no longer get up during the night to pee. Now I’m looking at life ahead.

In August (depending on whether I have the second op) I plan to head to Europe. I have a British passport, so it’s time to check out where I was born, meet people, travel, and work from the road. All my work is done online, so there’s no need to be stuck in Auckland, with its high prices and nightmare traffic. I’ve got all my data backed up to the cloud. I just need to get rid of my worldly possessions (that’s gonna be a challenge) and then hit the road with my backpack, laptop, AirBnB account and network of overseas friends. I plan to visit Bromley, where I was born, and find out what happened to my father. Then I have fluid plans to check out other British destinations like Wales, the Cotswolds… wherever takes my fancy. I have a half-sister in Ireland I’d like to visit. Then it’s off to France, where Mum was born, to see Paris, followed Annecy where a couple of beatboxers are waiting to buy me a croissant (for getting them a shoutout on the HERB Facebook page). After that, I’m off to Switzerland to track down Joseph Viatte, the famous contact juggler. I have my Canon 70D and am planning to start vlogging (aka Neistat) not only my travels, but anything else that takes my interest and that I think you’d like to see. I thought it would be great to shoot a documentary on contact juggling – check out Jospeh’s skills here.

If you’re thinking about bariatric surgery and want to drop me a line with questions about my experiences.. feel free 🙂