Out and About in London

In today’s vlog, I go out and about in London! It was a scorching hot day and I decided to visit a few well-known locations.

The British Museum

I took a trip to The British Museum and checked out the Egyptian Exhibition.. getting up close and personal with the Rosetta Stone – or as I call it, “Google Translate: Ancient Egypt Edition” – was amazing. I didn’t get time to see everything I wanted to, it was very hot in there and I have limited energy reserves! It’s the sort of place you could spend days exploring.


Then it was time to head to Camden. I did keep an eye out for Noel Fielding, who inspired the trip, but I couldn’t find him anywhere!

Being a fan of Stranger Things, on Netflix, I came up with a cool variation – “Stoner Things”, so while I was in Camden Stables I got a t-shirt printed with my take on the logo. The place was called Big Teezar. Since I’m the co-founder of HERB (formerly The Stoner’s Cookbook) I’ve put the t-shirt on the HERB Store as well. You can buy it at shop.herb.co.

Buckingham Palace

Finally, I went for a wander to Buckingham Palace. I was running out of energy at this point! Plus the sun was in the wrong place for any decent shots of the Queen’s crib. But it was amazing to be standing right outside (with hundreds of tourists of course).

Next Week – Ireland!

This weekend I travel to Ireland and stay there for a couple of weeks, so I vlog as soon as I can!