The French Beatbox Championships – Agen, France

The French Beatbox Championships 2022 were held in Agen, France on the 25th and 26th of November 2022. As part of my holiday in Europe around that time, I made the trip and had an amazing time. Congratulations to beatboxer Bookie Blanco for winning the solo beatbox category, and to PACMax and Bookie Blanco for winning the tag team category, performing as “Fresh Tonic”.

Photos from the event

The champs were held at Le Florida in Agen, France.

This year there were only two categories – Tag Team and Solo.

French champs is the best champs.


This year saw a mix of old and new in terms of performance. I don’t call myself a beatboxer (I can do little more than boots ‘n cats … I have an OK inward K-Snare though) but after 4 years of attending events and being part o the community, I’ve developed an appreciation for the art form. We saw a lot of traditional beatbox styles mixed in with some surprises, and some beatboxers making waves like Tunecinoo and Julard.

PACMax vs Payk
PACMax vs Payk