My recent TV appearances re Ashley Madison

The last couple of days were hectic for me as I responded to media requests for copies of the Ashley Madison data (they couldn’t or wouldn’t download the torrent themselves). It cost me a few USB sticks! Thereafter I was chased to explain how the files worked and take reporters etc through the data.

I knew the whole story would get sensationalised as reporters dug up the email addresses of various prominent figures and i wanted something positive to come out of the hack, so I came up with five tips on how to improve your security online (actually six, but that was considered too many for the average viewer to cope with). I actually documented them in my earlier post Ashley Madison Hack

I haven’t seen the interviews myself (I see enough of myself in the mirror thank you very much, and I have enough to do without adding a couple of hours of crying to my day) but if you were interested, here are a couple of the links.

Ashley Madison: Are you on the list? (TV3 Story with Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan)

Ashley Madison cheats potentially exposed (3 News)

If you’re not in New Zealand you can probably use a VPN to pretend you are, in order to see the videos. I mean it could be your own little mini-hack 😉

Some people have said I do alright on camera… once I get me bariatric surgery done maybe I’ll start a YouTube channel…