My Acting Career Begins!

I’ve just completed an acting course in London, met some wonderful (and famous) people, and am immersing myself in the film industry.

After spending the last year and a half or so in France, working with Furiial and exploring the country, I finished out the year in Paris.

The Reel Scene

I had decided that I wanted to get back into the film industry. I’ve been writing (I completed the first draft of a novel in November) and I really want the opportunity to tell stories on the big screen. So I took a plunge and went to The Reel Scene Christmas Party in London. The Reel Scene are a highly regarded acting school in London. They run classes of various lengths, and even masterclasses with directors like Charles Belleville and actor Asa Butterfield.

I turned up to their Christmas event, a complete stranger, and they made me feel incredibly welcome. I geeked out about games with Asa, and met the school’s director, Alex Fidelski. After that night I decided to try out one of their afternoon drop-in classes.

With snow falling in London, the afternoon was spent under the guidance of actor David Schaal (who played Jay’s Dad in The Inbetweeners), doing comedy improv. I was the only n00b there, but I did OK, and David recommended that I try one of the longer courses.

Christmas in New Zealand

I flew home to New Zealand for Christmas. It was nice to be back and to catch up with friends and family. The weather was stunning.

The Reel Scene Event