Finding the Spark

This post comes from a series I wrote as part of a private Tumblr account, way back in 2012. I thought it would be cool to reproduce some of my amateur psychology here 🙂

The new year is almost upon us. 2012. The year where many foresee at the very least a change, at most, a cataclysm. Perhaps the very force of that belief will bring about the things it predicts. Who knows.

But the New Year will bring one thing to us all – change. Many of changes we can’t predict. Beneficial, catastrophic, mundane… we’re at the mercy of a maelstrom of probabilities and possibilities. It’s no wonder many humans turn to religion to avoid having to deal with the apparent indifference of the universe to our existence.

Surrounded by technology and information and medicine and entertainment, we find some quite nice places to hide from the brutal realities of life, the most basic of which is this: it’s not going to last forever.

One day, you will be forgotten. Your great-great-grandchildren will probably never know your name or who you were. Perhaps your long-abandoned Facebook page will become part of a child’s history essay… but the person you were will fade as time marches on.

Everything you were, everything you remember, everything you feel and felt – gone. Everyone you loved, everyone who loved you. Gone. The way you were always 15 minutes late to meetings. The way creamed corn always made you throw up. The way you always said “that’s what she said!”. Gone. That scar. That tattoo. Dust.

That’s scary.

So I want to fight against this current, a little bit. Throw a stone in the river of time and send ripples into the future. Step on a butterfly in the past and change the future forever.

All we have to hold onto in this world is each other. The best we can do is to help each other through life. Make life better for the people we care about, and for ourselves. We don’t have much time. We don’t have many resources. We have to make hard decisions – who to help, who to pass by.

Finding the Spark.

What is the spark?

Every time I venture into the outside world I look for the spark. A light burning inside someone I meet on the street or in a bar or at a school or at martial arts class. That light is potential. The ability to become someone great – self-actualised, positive, strong, fearless, passionate and good! Someone who just needs a helping hand, love and support, to kickstart their growth into awesomeness.

I’m much better at identifying people with the spark now. Only 5 people I’ve ever met have had it, and for now, if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. And I’m much better at fanning this spark into flame.

This has been the focus of my life for the past 25 years.

It’s been a long and slow process. I’ve had to invent it myself. There are no books or guides. Learning to cope with my own feelings. Learning to accept being different. Missing out on the things most people take for granted. Being knocked back, abused, used, ignored. So many nights spent wondering whether people are worth the effort. Whether I would be better off plunging into the stream of humanity and being like everyone else. But then something will happen. You’ll turn a corner, make a change, take a risk, express something you’ve never expressed stun and surprise me with your talent and potential … and then it all becomes worthwhile and I know humanity has a future.

My methods aren’t orthodox. But what I’m doing seems to work. I’m lucky that somehow, through upbringing, fate or genetics, I’m able to feel the potential in you and intuit what’s needed to bring it to life.

This blog is going to be my attempt to reach out to you and teach you what I’ve done and how I do it. If I can pass on what I’ve learned to you, then maybe you can make someone else’s life better, and then they’ll pass it on.