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My YouTube Channel is coming… and more news

That’s right! I’m starting a YouTube Channel. I’ve wanted to for a while – I think I have a lot to share, and I have lots of ideas for videos. I’ve been gearing up for it – developing a channel trailer, setting up social media accounts, and getting hardware. I have a Canon 70D, so I’ve equipped this with a Rode VideoMic Pro (no, I’m not trying to copy Casey Neistat – it’s a coincidence!). I picked up on the sweet little GoPro Hero 4 Session cameras, and luckily I have a lot of experience with the whole Adobe suite.

So look out for that in the next week or so – I’ll let you know the URL once I have videos to share.

In other news, my recovery from bariatric surgery is going well. I’m now down to 150kgs, which is a total weight loss of 60kgs.. crazy! I’m still on soft foods (soup, yoghurt etc) but otherwise it’s all going great.

I’m leaving New Zealand in August to head to the UK, and begin my life as a digital nomad, which means I have a frantic couple of months to sell everything and get myself sorted. I’ve booked my flight (I have a 12-hour stop in Hong Kong on the way) and have already booked accommodation in Bromley through AirBnB. Excite!

Take care and I’ll be back soon with more news 🙂

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