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Traveling from Auckland to London

So now I’m fairly well settled in London. I traveled here in August 2016… a long process of two flights and a 12 hour stopover in Hong Kong. I’ve been shooting video while I’m here, but been so busy with work that I haven’t had time to put this first video together, plus it’s a long one. Future videos will be posted more frequently, and be shorter!

The Video

If you’re a visual person, then here’s the video:

Flying from Auckland to Hong Kong

The first flight, with Cathay Pacific, went perfectly – I had an exit row seat with lots of legroom. I was able to charge my phone and basically kept myself entertained with movies and TV shows and sleeping, thanks to some Zopiclone I had prescribed before I left.

My life, in bags

My life, in bags


Bye New Zealand!

Bye New Zealand!



Always get the exit row!

Hong Kong Airport

I checked in through Immigration, probably needlessly, as there were premium lounges everywhere. But I stayed for 12 hours in a lounge with free food, and rentable rooms for sleeping and showering. It wasn’t too bad… was glad to leave in the morning though!

Waiting to leave Hong Kong

Preflight selfie

Arriving in Heathrow

The flight to Heathrow, London, was again effortless – same seat essentially, so no worries about being cramped. Heathrow was huge, but it didnt take me long to find the Heathrow Express, a tube train I had booked which whisked me to Paddington Station.


I met a girl on the Express who was headed where I was – Bromley – so she helped me navigate the tube system. We took an overground train to Bromley and that’s really where I first saw London. Wow, amazing. I caught a black cab to Gables Close, where I’m staying.

The streets of South East London

The Streets of SE12 0UD…

Karl Pilkington needs this guy!

Everyone needs a boiler guy!

In a black cab

The Black Cab

I settled in pretty quickly. The place I’m staying is small, but the WiFi is good and the lady I’m staying with is lovely. It’s only a minute’s walk to London’s huge transport system – trains, buses, the tube, ferries.

Taking the Thames Clipper to London

My first big outing involved taking a couple of buses to Greenwich – where I walked past the Cutty Sark – and then catching the Thames Clipper to The Embankment, in London. The Embankment is near Nelson’s Column, Leicester Square etc, and it’s also where I had an appointment with Lloyd’s Bank to open my account.

The Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge from the Thames Clipper


Nelson's Column

Nelson’s Column. I need a shave!

I popped in to the London Film Museum while waiting… saw the James Bond stunt vehicle exhibition.


James Bond Exhibition

James Bond Exhibition

So I got my bank account, and eventually my bank card, and because I’m technically a British Lord, they put that on the card for me!

Lord Lucas Young

My Birthplace

I was born in a maternity hospital in Mason’s Hill, Bromley, which is closed now. My birth certificate says my address at the time was 42 Westmoreland Rd… so I went and checked that place out.

Westmoreland Road, Bromley

But as a baby I spent my first few years at 117 Widmore Road in Bromley… throwing kittens out of windows apparently! I went and visited, but no one was in the specific flat we lived in (#5). I took a few photos.

Widmore Road

Widmore Road

Widmore Road

Widmore Road

The Steps at Widmore Road

Me at Widmore Road

Greenwich Park

Finally, an afternoon at Greenwich Park. It’s a beautiful, spacious place.

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

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