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Ashley Madison Hack

So the hacking group Impact Team lived up to their threat and released 9.7GB of Ashley Madison (ashleymadison.com) website data to the Dark Web. Ashley Madison is a dating site geared towards people in relationships who want to have an affair – their motto is “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Raspberry Pi 2 Security System

Last week I got myself a Raspberry Pi 2, the credit-card sized computer-on-a-card that can run a number of operating systems and comes with a 900MHz CPU, 1GB RAM, Ethernet port, HDMI output, 4 USB sockets… it’s an amazing little gadget.

Learn Unity and iOS 9 with Udemy

This isn’t any sort of sponsored plug for Udemy… they’ve just leapt out at me as being amazing! You see, I have a game idea I have been working on for a while, and I was having to reacquaint myself with Java via YouTube tutorials posted by spotty teenagers.

It’s Windows 10 time baby

So I got sick of waiting for Windows 10 to download, I saw it had appeared in a hidden folder, but was waiting on Microsoft to flip the switch for New Zealand. A bit of googling revealed that you could download the installer from Microsoft’s site (if you already had your computer approved). The trick is that you have to make sure your locale/region/language etc is set to English (US).
Once that was done, the install went well. We can’t use Cortana in New Zealand, which sucks, but then I have gone off Windows over the years, I’m happy with my Mac. My PC is for gaming, so the next step is to test all those games out! If only I had time… :/