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December 2015

Mount Taranaki in summer, Christmas 2015

Taranaki Christmas 2015 – a Photo Diary

I took some photos in Taranaki over the Christmas period – I grew up in South Taranaki, and headed down there to be with family.

These were taken on a Canon 70D. I’m new to this camera, so many of the settings were left at defaults. I will learn and improve!

The Stoner's Cookbook Wordpress Theme

WordPress themes – rebuilding The Stoner’s Cookbook

Among other things, I’m the CTO of a little website called The Stoner’s Cookbook. This month we released the first major site rebuild in years, and I wanted to post about the experience of building a WordPress theme from scratch. It’s a bit of a cathartic review of the process and illustrates the sort of issues you might deal with as a developer. I’m no expert, and might be (and am quite frequently) wrong, but it’s better to be wrong and learn something than think you’re right all the time.